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Illustration by Ann Pomelova

The story of a brave little girl who saves her family while   
Grandma sleeps through it all.

"... are snakes clever?  Are snakes ornery?  Can a snake read my mind?"

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Welcome !!!  It's my dream in retirement to capture the imagination of kids with simple, fun books.  THERE'S A SNAKE DOWN THERE is my first book.  I believe readers will love Melissa -- who is the epitome of "girl power" -- and love the subtle complexity of  a little girl who's not afraid of challenges and not afraid to laugh at herself.  Please, enjoy !!!   

                                                                                   Rich Gould


About RGO books
Rich Gould, CEO

Rich Gould

At RGO books, we believe that kids books should be fun! We want kids to smile, laugh, think, and feel while reading our stories. Our books are designed to promote a love of reading and learning.

We are a small team of writers, illustrators, and editors who are dedicated to creating high-quality children's books that parents and kids will enjoy.

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What readers are saying

Bought copies for my nephews and they can't get enough of THERE'S A SNAKE DOWN THERE

                   L. Johnson                         Nixa, MO     

I've known Rich for over 30 years - great to see he's still giving back to kids

    D."The Groz" Grosby


Please, please, please release another book!!!

              Wanda McNeil


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RGO Books
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  • Dave & Rizzo's Beach Adventure

  • Otis Loves Ears

  • The Life and Times of Paulie the Puck

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